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“He was strong until the end”: He went to Japan for cancer treatment, and his father died there

“He was strong until the end”: He went to Japan for cancer treatment, and his father died there

His partner, Emilie Gerard Tremblay, wrote: “We arrived in Japan on September 12, and on September 13, his father and I made the right decision to call an ambulance to send him urgently to the hospital.” “He could no longer walk and was clearly very, very weak.”

The 39-year-old, a father of two children aged 2 and 5, had hoped to survive thanks to treatment with a transfer of his own cells (Advanced cell transfer therapy), He told Noovo Info a few days ago. Chemotherapy could not help him, because it would have caused poisoning due to his liver injury.

The reason behind this was kidney difficulties, water in the lung, and liver problems, which are associated with colon cancer.

“As he wished with all his heart, we accompanied him to the end as a family. He was strong to the end and resilient.”

– Emilie Girard-Tremblay, partner of Christian Beaulieu

Christian Beaulieu’s family has raised $123,365 on GoFundMe for his treatment. For a month’s stay in Japan, the family expected to incur expenses of more than $100,000.

I would like to tell you that after all the costs I have incurred (hospital costs, funeral costs in Japan), if there is any money left, I pledge to donate to colon cancer research in memory of Christian,” said Ms. Gerard Tremblay.

Mr. Beaulieu was diagnosed with cancer in March 2021. He never wanted to give up his fight.

“It looks like these are the cards I drew,” he told Noovo Info. “But I will try until the end.”

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Editor’s Note: A previous version of this text included an error in Mr. Beaulieu’s last name. For more information, see Editing standards in Noovo Info.

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