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“Fury of the French” after awarding the Legion of Honor to Jeff Bezos

Sometimes the calendar has unfortunate coincidences. February 16, “Emmanuel Macron organized a lavish ceremony to present Amazon founder Jeff Bezos with the Legion of Honor, which he received at the Elysée, as hundreds of thousands of French workers took to the streets to protest the retirement of his reform plan.”, This is reported by the British newspaper Guardian. The gap between this peaceful phenomenon in the center of power and the anti-reform mobilizations initiated by the government could not be more apparent.

“Millionaires Reward”

Despite the precautions taken – the media recalled that the ceremony was not included in the official agenda of the President – the matter quickly spread in the media. And it’s not to everyone’s taste. “His exposure through the press point “Emmanuel Macron is the only ‘president of the rich’, angering the French”. to write security guard, According to his information, the decision to groom Jeff Bezos was made ten years ago.

Several elected officials from La France, including Mathilde Panot, the leader of the movement in the National Assembly, spoke out against the Amazon boss’s dressing. Communist Party National Secretary Fabian Roussel announced on Twitter : “The President’s Doctrine: Punish All the French, Reward the Billionaires.” The company, which has been based in France since 2000, has been regularly criticized for the working conditions of its subcontractors, its recent layoff plans in Europe and its tax optimization practices abroad.