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A letter sent in 1916 finally reaches its destination 100 years later.

In England, a letter posted in 1916 reached its goal in 2021, more than 100 years after it was sent.

It took 105 years for this courier to arrive safely. This mysterious letter sent in 1916 was delivered to a certain Finlay Glenn in 2021.

This news was recently published by a British newspaper Guardian. Posted in Bath, in the south-west of England, the letter finally reached London after more than a century, with only 200 kilometers separating the two cities.

So two years ago Finley found Glenn in his apartment mailbox. He quickly noticed the date of the email “6 February 16” so he thought it was a post dated 2016, but the stamp on the envelope changed his mind.

In fact, it is a stamp bearing the image of King George V, who ruled the United Kingdom from 1910 to 1936. So the Londoner discovered that this mysterious letter was very old and was sent over a century ago.

Intrigued at first, Finlay Glenn had forgotten the existence of the letter a few days earlier.

This time, he decided to open it to discover its contents. With the help of Stephen Oxford, editor of a local history magazine, we were able to track down the true recipient of this “very moving” letter.

So it was a certain Katie Marsh, wife of stamp dealer Oswald Marsh. The young man has promised to hand over this “wonderful piece of their family history” to someone close to Katie Marsh if anyone comes forward.