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Framework Agreement to Fund Platforms – Sport and Community – Kevin Bernardi

By formalizing an A$7 billion (€4.46 billion) infrastructure deal last week, the federal state and Queensland state have secured investment in sites for the Brisbane 2032 Olympics and subsequent years. Paralympic Games.

Prime Minister of Australia Anthony Albanese and Premier of Queensland Annastacia Palaszczuk, Friday February 17, 2023 in Brisbane (Credits – Prime Minister of Australia)

EDuring the bidding phase, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced a partnership with the Australian government for a 50-50 split of the venture.

In the end, And after months of tough negotiationsThe two public entities have agreed to share investments to modernize or construct sports venues necessary for the Games and to improve the infrastructure of the territory.

Also, on Friday February 17, 2023, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese welcomed Annastacia Palaszczuk to Brisbane to sign a framework agreement worth 7 billion Australian dollars (4.46 billion euros).

As such, the deal lays the groundwork for further construction sites across Brisbane and Queensland, where, in the best case scenario, thousands of athletes and hundreds of thousands of spectators will gather. Summer of 2032.

firm, And mentioned in recent weeksThe State of Queensland will fund the full replacement Gabba Ground Its capacity will be increased to 50,000 seats from the current 42,000 seats.

The bill for this major platform continues to grow and is now estimated at 2.7 billion Australian dollars (1.72 billion euros). A major point of tension among officials was the question of the redevelopment of the future Olympic stadium.

Beyond the present site, which will be completely demolished to make way for a new modern enclosure, Dist Woolloongappa A redesigned service by public transport, thousands of housing units – especially for social purposes – and more vegetation to cover the future stadium area should have a profound impact on the arrival of the Games. Brisbane River.

A view of the Brisbane Arena project (Credit – Queensland Government)

In return, the federal government would fund its share Brisbane Arena in the field Roma Street It is expected to experience significant urban regeneration by 2032.

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A substantial A$2.5 billion (€1.59 billion) investment is required in the arena, with the aim of hosting swimming events during the Olympic and Paralympic Games and water polo events. If a temporary pool is installed for the planetary event, the site will be mainly dedicated to a new multifunctional facility with 17,000 seats.

In addition to these two capital structures and their surrounds, the framework agreement signed in mid-February – A$3.44 billion (€2.19 billion) in federal funding and a Queensland contribution of A$3.63 billion (€2.27 billion) – and sixteen other projects totaling A$1.87 billion (€1.19 billion). Plans to pay for construction or renovation of sites.

Among these devices, the Sunshine Coast Stadium While the new 6,000-seat stadium will see the light of day, it will benefit from a makeover to host part of the Olympic football tournament. A stone’s throw away to host a game-time early basketball game.

in the field of ChandlerThe Brisbane Aquatic Centre 4,300 seats will be arranged for artistic swimming and diving events and preliminary water polo tournaments.

In total, nine existing sites will undergo modernization measures and five new sites will be built ahead of the Games, all designed by public players to serve Queensland’s interests, particularly with the aim of hosting regular and above all long-term, large-scale events, and strengthening the territory’s tourism dimension. .

List of venues to be developed or built for the Brisbane 2032 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games (Donations – Queensland Government)

As the Deputy Premier of Queensland put it, Also Queensland Development Minister and Assistant Minister for Olympic InfrastructureSteven Miles:

The 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games will transform Brisbane as Expo 88 did.

It is therefore appropriate to extend the popular south bank area to Kappa.

It will be a major interchange between Cross River Rail and Brisbane Metro. You can get around without a car, walk or take your scooter into the City or South Bank.

The redevelopment will encapsulate major urban renewal and provide more affordable housing, restaurants and businesses..

For the Australian prime minister, the announced investment – ​​although far beyond initial projections – remains a challenge.

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As Anthony Albanese emphasized after signing the Framework Agreement:

The 2032 Games will be Queensland’s biggest ever.

The Australian Government, in collaboration with the Queensland Government, is working to secure infrastructure projects that will have a long-term impact on the Territory.

My Government ensures that every dollar invested has lasting benefits, not just for Brisbane, but for all Queenslanders and all Australians..