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Download your music offline without a charger

You dreamed it, Apple did it: very soon it will be possible for everyone to download titles fromApple Music on his watch without charging the watch. So far, users who have taken advantage of this feature have already had to turn on the device while backing up. Not only when done over mobile data but also over Wi-Fi.

This asset only pertains to the company’s live streaming service in Apple. Other developers, such as Spotify or Deezer, can allow you to download their catalog whenever you want.

Exit date

Therefore, watchOS 9.1 is only available in beta for nowwhich means that if you install it on your watch, you may still encounter serious errors, even if we are here on a file Commercial Record (filter release, i.e. one of the last versions before the final version). It is best to wait until October 24, when the final version will be released precisely.

Other new features for watchOS 9.1

In addition to this Apple Music-related change, watchOS 9.1 also brings other welcome improvements to Apple’s wearable devices. Among these, special mention can be made of the case of A . Gaining autonomy Specializes in Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch SE 2, and Apple Watch Ultra during certain exercises. To do this, the program reduces the rhythm of the heart rate sensor and the GPS sensor.

Thanks to this, watchOS 9.1 brings support to the new standard for Connected Objects issue. This will make your various smart devices interoperable, from blinds to alarms, smoke detectors, and digital locks.

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watchOS 9.1 is compatible with all Apple Watch Series 4. You can view the full list of affected models here.

To update your Apple Watch, you must:

  1. On your iPhone, open the Apple Watch app
  2. Touch tab my watch
  3. to touch general
  4. to touch system update

Then the download should start automatically. It will of course be necessary to be connected to the web, preferably with a sufficient battery level.