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How Cassoulet Became a Fashionable Dish

How Cassoulet Became a Fashionable Dish

Cassoulet, an iconic dish from the southwest of France, is surprisingly popular among Americans. A recipe that has become indispensable A competition is held every year in New York to determine who has made the best cassoulet in the city. This iconic dish has convinced Americans. A food critic wrote an entire book to explain this phenomenon.

How else to explain such a frenzy surrounding this French dish? “Because cassoulet is a sharing dish. “It's a comfort food, it's a food that requires a certain concentration and a certain attention because it takes about three days for the actual recipe,” explains Sylvie Bigger. Cassoulet confession.

Even a reputation can It can be explained by the eating habits of Americans. “I think it's important to know that in the U.S., Americans eat a lot of white beans, and in fact, there are a lot of regions in the U.S. that each have one type of stew. It is something that makes them happy and also attracts them“, analyzes Sylvie Bigger.

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