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Finally, Google Messages delivers direct replies and stars, closing in on Apple

Google hopes to force the RCS protocol on Apple. To do this, he always adapts his Messages app a little more to the times. The 10 changes made today should help the public adopt this technology.

The RCS protocol is intended to replace SMS. Text messaging has peaked, but as messengers like WhatsApp, Telegram and other iMessages vie for user preferences, It is very difficult for this standard to find its place. As Google officials point out, “RCS can only really work if everyone uses it, which means that all carriers and Apple should adopt itGoogle has announced at least ten changes to its Messages app. Will these brands push Apple to finally adopt RCS?

Although the functional changes are numerous, the most obvious are cosmetic: the Messages icon has changed and a new Google interior has been adopted, material you. The phone and contact app should also undergo a face-lift in the coming weeks. Then the important changes become functional.

Google Messages update lets you star a message

Just like in WhatsApp and other messaging systems, Messages allows you to Reply to a specific message In a conversation thread or to use emojis to reply to messages from iPhone if you’re on Android, and vice versa. If you are the proud owner of a Pixel 7, Pixel 6 or Samsung phone Galaxy S22 or Galaxy Fold 4, you can enjoy Voicemail transcription. Very useful when you are in a noisy place and can’t listen to your phone.

you can Mark important posts with a star To find them more easily. Reminders also appear: they’ll be programmable at a date and time that suits you. Messages will take into account the context and content of the message to offer you a calendar event or suggest you start a Meet video conference. Convenient little improvements: It’s now possible to watch YouTube videos directly from the app and Conversations started from Maps will be saved to a folder Professional letters are separate from personal letters.

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To take advantage of all these features, you must first Enable RCS on your device. Messages is already available for Android devices on Google Play.