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Xbox is exploring options to revive the Fallout franchise

Xbox is exploring options to revive the Fallout franchise

The Fallout franchise, more than ever in the spotlight thanks to the Prime TV series, is still waiting for a new major episode. While Fallout benefits from a strong back catalog and a recent upgrade to Fallout 4 (which unfortunately caused several bugs), the absence of new work, particularly Fallout 5, is becoming increasingly felt, with indications that it won't see the light of day before the 2030s. .

However, according to Jez Corden, during the latest Xbox Two podcast, Bethesda's owner, Xbox, is “exploring opportunities” to accelerate the franchise's return. These comments come as Bethesda previously stated its intention to release The Elder Scrolls VI before looking at the next post-apocalyptic RPG.

In the face of a renewed audience and continued enthusiasm for the Fallout series, it seems imperative that Xbox find solutions that meet fan expectations. This could mean increasing Bethesda's workforce, but it could also mean handing over development of a new episode to a new team, or even creating a new New Vegas-style side episode.

Regardless of the direction taken, it will be difficult for Obsidian Entertainment, which is also owned by Xbox, to take over the franchise, given that it is already working on Avowed and The Outer Worlds 2. The possibility of seeing a new part of Fallout, however, is earlier than previously expected. Expectedly, this seems to bring hope among fans, who are eagerly awaiting new adventures in the post-apocalyptic world of the series.

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