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Decrypt |  Trump is mayor of New York

Decrypt | Trump is mayor of New York

(New York) Midway through his first term, which is no longer guaranteed to end, Eric Adams may console himself with the thought of having Donald Trump’s support on at least one of the “overwhelming” issues.

On November 23, the mayor of New York was civilly charged with sexual assault, for alleged actions dating back to 1993, when he was a police officer. The 63-year-old Democratic elected official joined several figures, including former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who have been the subject of a wave of legal action ahead of a planned one-year term. Otherwise provided.

“I hope Mayor Eric Adams, Andrew Cuomo and anyone else taken to court based on this ridiculous law, where someone can be sued decades later, with no evidence, will fight it because it is ‘completely unfair and unconstitutional,’” he wrote on Truth Social. Donald Trump, who was himself convicted of sexual assault last May, in a case dating back to 1996, was ordered to pay $5 million to the complainant, a former magazine columnist. she E. Jean Carroll.

Eric Adams denies knowing the woman who accuses him of sexually assaulting her while they worked in New York City. But this case, the details of which are still unknown, is not the only one in which this famous politician reminds us of the former Republican president with his style, or rather his “spoils.”

Example: Like Donald Trump, Eric Adams has a weakness for Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the strong man of Turkey, and his country, which he is proud to have visited six times, including at least two times at the expense of Turkish entities during his presidency. Brooklyn Borough President.

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However, these connections come back to haunt him today. On November 2, FBI agents executed a search warrant at the home of Brianna Suggs, a finance official for Eric Adams’ first campaign for mayor of New York. They confiscated two laptops, three iPhones and a file folder labeled “Eric Adams.”

According to the search warrant, prosecutors and federal investigators are seeking to determine whether Eric Adams’ campaign conspired with members of the Turkish government, including its consul in New York, to receive illegal donations through name loans.

They are also examining whether anyone affiliated with the mayor’s campaign provided legal or illegal benefits to a Brooklyn construction company owned by Turkish immigrants or Turkish government officials.

They are particularly interested in the pressure that Eric Adams put in July 2021 on the New York Fire Department chief to give the green light to open the new Turkish consulate in New York in time for President Erdogan’s visit. A temporary occupancy permit was eventually granted even though the 35-story building did not comply with fire regulations.

A week after Brianna Suggs’ home was searched, it was Eric Adams himself’s turn to receive a visit from the FBI. After an event, federal agents surrounded him on the sidewalk and asked his bodyguards to step aside before getting into his official SUV with the mayor. Inside, they found two mobile phones and an iPad.

After word of this research spread, Eric Adams made a typical statement: “There is not always fire where there is smoke. »

I have to say there’s always been smoke surrounding this former NYPD captain, who survived corruption cases as a state senator and Brooklyn mayor, and whose administration is filled with friends and relatives of friends.

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At this time, neither Brianna Suggs nor Eric Adams has been charged in connection with the federal investigation. But one of the mayor’s allies, Queens-elect Sen. Leroy Comrie, condemned the “witch hunt,” an expression dear to Donald Trump.

And in a column I published Daily newsComrie and former Bronx President Ruben Diaz Jr. even raised the possibility of a connection between Eric Adams’ criticism of the Biden administration over New York’s migrant crisis and the federal investigation targeting his campaign.

“We can’t say for sure whether these things are related or not. But members of our communities are speaking out and their suspicions are turning into anger.”

We think we hear Donald Trump, who fuels the conspiracy of his forces with his favorite phrase: “A lot of people say…”

Eric Adams has long claimed that he is scrutinized more than other politicians because of the color of his skin. “My face will appear on the front pages of newspapers, asking: Is there any unethical or unethical behavior?” “He told members of a black church in Brooklyn, three days after the search he was the subject of.

The New York mayor, who once claimed he received a message from God about his political destiny, added: “I live within the confines of my religious beliefs, I am here to serve and God would not have taken me where I am.” If I don’t stay true to who He told me to be. »

Paranoia appears to be another trait that Eric Adams shares with Donald Trump.