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France frying pan

France frying pan

France once imagined itself safe from the awakening of ideology.

In many ways, you know how to resist it. But if she resists it, it is because this ideology is also attacking her. We have seen this for a week with the controversy raging over the appointment of the new Minister of National Education, Pap Ndiaye, an academic whose thinking converges primarily with themes of wokism.


Bab Ndiaye, for example, asserts that in France there will be structural racism, and systemic racism.

He also considers that residents of immigrant origins should enter the public space by focusing on the color of their skin, as if it were first necessary to define a society as a collection of ethnic and racial communities, and not as a nation of which every individual is a citizen.

In accordance with this view of things, he suggested, in a report on the future of the Paris Opera, that the latter take into account a sensitivity, that is, the susceptibility of puritanical minorities in choosing costumes and writing scripts. .

The Paris Opera also wants to mobilize enormous resources to find artists from all over the world who conform to the ideological requirements of multiculturalism. And that is, again, in a country that refuses to define who they compose according to the criterion of skin tone. But in the opera we should not worry about the color of the singer’s skin in front of us, but about his voice. interval.

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In fact, the new French minister thinks like an American. It is said to be very quiet. It is his strength. He was able to describe extremist ideas as moderate. Do we need to remind you that he will exercise his functions under the final authority of Emmanuel Macron?

We can understand that with his appointment, the latter recognized his true vision for the future of France. This worries many.