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Cuomo's aide, who accuses him of touching him, comes out anonymously

Cuomo’s aide, who accuses him of touching him, comes out anonymously

The woman who filed the sexual harassment complaint against the governor of New York State came out anonymously on Monday, where she describes how “her dream job” turned into “a dream”. She is now demanding that Andrew Cuomo be “taken into account”.

Deputy Governor of the Democratic Party Brittany Kamiso described her contacts in an interview with the CBS Television Network and the Weekly Federation. Times Union Albany, the state capital. The interview aired Monday, and a large legislative committee met to discuss possible investigations into the governor’s allegations.

MMe Kamisho had already spoken before, first in an interview given anonymously Times Union As one of 11 women who claimed to have been sexually harassed by Mr Cuomo last winter and later. The allegations were described in a statement from the state attorney general’s office last week. She was also the first woman to confess to the County Sheriff last Thursday and file a criminal complaint against Mr Cuomo. But she has not yet spoken publicly.

“I was afraid that if I came and revealed my identity, the governor and his’ directors would look at me as if I wanted to call them and slander my name,” he said.Me Comisho, now 32 years old. She also explained that she wanted to protect her daughter, but now condemning her shows that she has “a voice for her”.

Call to resign

Many Democrats, including President Joe Biden, have called for Cuomo to step down. About two-thirds of New York state legislators said they would support an indictment if he refused to resign. However, a majority vote would be sufficient to initiate an indictment process.

Maybe he thought it was normal, but it’s not normal for me and the other women he did this to. It was not well received and it was not a consensus. For me it was a dream job and unfortunately it turned out to be a dream.

The Legislative Judiciary Committee met on Monday behind closed doors. Cuomo discussed how to end the ongoing investigation with the women, but other matters related to her, such as the use of her staff to help her with the US $ 5 million literary publication deal and her management’s decision not to release full statistics on the long-running Covid-19 deaths at health centers.

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“Our investigation should be kept secret, and at the right time – starting at the end of the month – we will discuss the evidence publicly. [entendues] In an open and open manner, “said Committee Chairman Charles Levine, a Democrat from Long Island.

Mr. Cuomo will get into this fight without his former key assistant Melissa Derosa, who said he has been trying “emotionally and mentally” for the past two years. Statement by State Attorney General Lydia JamesMe Derosa played a key role in efforts to protect Mr Cuomo from sexual harassment charges.

In his interview, Ms.Me He noted that it was not natural for Mr Cuomo to focus on him. “He may have thought it was normal, but he did this to me and other women. It’s not normal.” It was not well received and it was definitely not a consensus, ”he said. “For me it was a dream job, unfortunately it turned out to be a dream,” he added.

He said he touched himself improperly on December 31, 2019 when the governor first suggested he take a selfie. “I took the picture with my right hand, then I felt his hand fall down on my back and he started rubbing them. His hand didn’t slip, he didn’t touch me reluctantly: no, he rubbed my buttocks.”

Brittany Camiso said Mr Cuomo touched her for the second time in November 2020 at the House of Governors. He repeatedly denied that the episode happened.

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