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The green economy weighs four times as much as the manufacturing sector

The green economy weighs four times as much as the manufacturing sector

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Newspaper Defender The UK’s green economy weighs more than ில்லியன் 200 billion, more than four times the manufacturing sector, according to a study by a British company. The green energy sector is mainly driven by wind.

From windmill manufacturers to recycling plants, about 75,000 companies are helping to green the UK economy, the study says. These companies employ more than 1.2 million people.

Despite a 9% contraction last year, the sector is expected to recover after the health crisis. Analysts believe the growth of the green economy should be accelerated after the epidemic. But they believe the government needs to make more financial resources and mobilize all players in the community if it wants to achieve the objectives of the Green Project.

Sales of new combustion vehicles will be banned in 2030

Announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson in November 2020 Project It involves investing billions of euros in developing ten clean industrial sectors, in particularSea air And this Electric cars.

The primary action of this Green Revolution is to ban the sale of new hot cars in particular from 2030, i.e. 10 years longer than expected. London hopes to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

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