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Coco Shuts Up: Working with the Young Cast Was “Pure Magic!” says Benoit Brier

Released on February 24 “Coco ferme”, the new Tales for All, directed by Sebastien Jani.

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Comedian Benoît Brière is back on screen after having health issues “I’m fine, I’m on top. I’m back on the so-called extended warranty,” he laughs.

In particular, he explains that the diverticulitis he suffered was accidental and that he is now in a better position.

The person who played Raymond in the Quebec movie, was “pure magic” to share a response with the young cast.

He also describes them as great professionals. “They know what they need to do, how to do it, and they’re prepared […]They are willing to learn,” but above all, he says, “they are humbled by their talent.”

“I have the mental age of these guys. […] On set, when we said to calm down, it was to me that we talked,” he says, laughing.

The veteran actor will voice the “paparazzi” seal in another Quebec movie, “Katac, Brave Beluga,” which opens in Montreal on Saturday.

Watch the full interview in the video above.

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