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‘I didn’t want to explode here’: Nathalie Simard burst into tears on Get Me Out of Here

The second episode of the reality show Get me out of here It will be very emotional.

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The scale of the challenge for the participants is starting to catch up with them, especially Nathalie Simard.

While the band prepared for their second night’s dinner, the singer had to take a vacation to recharge in the Costa Rican jungle.

Back at camp, with a tremor in her voice, the 53-year-old opened up about the hardships she was going through.

“My body is struggling. So I just wanted to share it with you, I wanted to break it, because it’s not easy for me, ”the singer admitted to the sympathetic looks of her colleagues.

“The body speaks to me,” Natalie said in the confession, “I’m tired, worse than mine, I’m weak.”

“I’m not giving up, I’m here, but I just needed to share it with you because…” At this moment, the singer burst into tears and the other participants hugged her massively.

She said she felt “spyed on” and found it very difficult.

While she was trying to explain her mood to her assistants, she was interrupted by Livia Martin who asked the group in a very loud voice: “Do you keep their bones?” – Talking about his dinner, of course.

Immediately, the young woman felt guilty and apologized profusely, finally giving a moment of leery to the ring.

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“I didn’t want to blow up here. Because in my life, I’ve blown up a lot in public, but we all have our vulnerabilities,” Natalie restrained, before encouraging other participants to come out with their feelings instead of “shutting them down.”