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Céline Dion, métamorphosée : cuissardes en cuir, franges sur toute la cuisse, ventre découvert, un look de fou

Leather boots that reach the thighs, fringe all over the thigh, exposed belly, crazy looks

Celine Dion is more than just a singer. He is also a fashion icon. While at her worst, accumulating health problems, the singer appeared on social networks in a rock ‘n’ roll style, almost unrecognizable! The Objeko team tells you more in this article.

Celine Dion: Great Career

Celine Dion may be very little present these days, she is still the most famous and internationally recognized Francophone artist. It has to be said that it has been a long time since she started her career!

Québécoise achieved her first success in 1980 and it was just a dream, at just 12 years old. France meets her three years later on the set of Michel Drucker, where she sings D’amour ou d’amitié.

As for her international recognition, it was not until 1988. Celine Dion represented Switzerland at Eurovision. She won the prestigious competition with her popular song Ne Partez pas sans moi. On the advice of her manager and husband, Rene Angelil, she mastered her English and began to become a North American celebrity. His dedication comes with My Heart Will Go On, the title soundtrack to James Cameron’s Titanic.

Despite her international presence, Celine Dion continues to perform in France, recording in Molière’s language. His album D’eux, written by Jean-Jacques Goldman, remains to this day the best-selling French-language album of all time. In total, it is estimated that the singer has sold nearly 200 million albums worldwide. Hat up!

The singer drowns in silence

For years, Celine Dion has primarily resided in Las Vegas. She made several residences there, which allowed her to stay near her young children. However, she continued to tour internationally. From 2014 to 2016, Celine Dion took a break from her career to take care of her ailing husband. When he dies, she resumes her tours, the last of which dates back to 2017. In 2019, the singer from Quebec released her album Courage, which celebrates two years since its founding. A tour is planned, but the global COVID-19 pandemic is halting it. As she was preparing to go on the road again and start a new condo in Las Vegas, Celine Dion suddenly stopped.

The singer is already ill, and her health does not seem to be improving. She suffers from muscle problems that prevent her from staying on stage. In addition, she recently contracted a throat virus that forced her to self-isolate in silence. Her sister Claudette, who reports regularly, said that menopause could also play a role in this turning away from the scene. Celine Dion will one day return to the front of the stage? While everyone is waiting for her in 2022, it will likely be another year, or even two, before she is back on top again.

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Celine Dion is unrecognizable in leather, very rock ‘n’ roll!

Celine Dion is not just an incredibly successful international singer. He is also a true fashion icon. Throughout her career, she has dressed in different styles, but she has always been very atypical. recently appealed to two stylists Which wears it in a more sedate and elegant way. Back in the ’80s and ’90s, the Quebec singer was rather extravagant!

In fact, it’s been 30 years since Celine Dion released her song “Des mots qui sonnent” taken from the album “Dion chante Plamondon”. For the occasion, Celine’s team, who manages his Instagram page, uploaded an excerpt from the clip. This device has just been released in a redesigned HD version. Which is a real shock! The singer from Quebec is a rocker there too. She was dressed in all black, with thigh-high boots with a leather fringe and a short top of the prettiest effect.

She was still wearing her natural curly brown hair at the time. She also looks very petite, a bit more chubby even though she’s very athletic. It’s so simple, almost unrecognizable! While Celine Dion has more or less stopped giving the news since her illness, she can count on her team to fuel her social networks. This is the perfect opportunity to return to his extraordinary career!