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“Celebration” Tour: Madonna honors her title as Queen of Pop by setting fire to Montreal's Bell Centre

“Celebration” Tour: Madonna honors her title as Queen of Pop by setting fire to Montreal's Bell Centre

Even after four decades of her career, Madonna's crown as Queen of Pop has lost none of its luster. The singer proved that with a stunning, polished and stunning concert Thursday night at the Bell Center.

We expected to wait until 10pm, but Madonna felt punctual; She appeared on the round and round stage around 9:50pm to break the ice Nothing really matters. Dressed in all black, with a halo covering her blonde hair, the singer debuted her angelic side to nearly 15,500 fans gathered at the packed Bell Center.

But we know Madonna. It won't be long before she's baring her horns to a few sensual, even daring numbers. Throughout the more than two-hour concert, the singer moved between the two poles of her personality – from angel to demon – with astonishing confidence and, above all, completely assertiveness.

After Madonna denied photographers access to her Bell Center concert, promoter Evenko provided photos of the celebration tour taken on December 14 in New York.

Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images provided by Evenco

“Hello Montreal!”

“Hello Montreal! I'm so happy to be back!” “The feeling was mutual,” Madonna said quickly, feeling the pulse of the runway. The enthusiastic screams – and even howls – were clear and unmistakable.

Winning in advance, crowd? definitely. But Madonna was not only able to live up to expectations, she was also exceptionally able to reunite with the city. Which is a good thing because the evening's program was particularly strong: a 40-year career (and success) revisited in a dazzling, dazzling musical marathon.

Full view

Because it's an impressive, perfectly oiled machine, Madonna takes it to stages around the world on tour to celebrate. The fireworks effects, the projections, the cabin soaring above the crowd, the designer and sparkling costumes… it's truly eye-catching, and more than just a buzz. Surrounded by about fifteen dancers to furnish the circular stage and walkways that cross the floor, the singer steers her ship with professionalism and precision, leaving absolutely nothing to chance.

Chained without the slightest pause, and Vogue magazine, Like prayer, Human nature, vacation, Bonita Island, Ray of light, Express Yourself And the others like a Virgin It was presented on Thursday evening as a reminder of the unshakeable pillars upon which Madonna has built her majestic empire. The years that have passed have not weakened them in any way, as each remains as powerful, charismatic and irresistible as they were when they dominated the charts.

No, Madonna clearly has no intention of ceding her title as Queen of Pop to anyone. And few new generation artists seem to be in a position to take that away from him.

  • Madonna will return to the Bell Center Theater on Saturday night.