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The reason for Mary Ann's departure

The reason for Mary Ann's departure

This is because its translator, Anne-Elisabeth Bossuet, was to appear in the film Sisters in lawWhich prevented him from continuing his work at the TVA daily newspaper. But rest assured, his character will return before the end of the season.

Production took advantage of this temporary absence to bring in a new attorney, Kim Nolen (Julie Trepanier), to the Lapointe-MacDonald-Desjardins firm. There may be a certain rivalry between the two colleagues when Mary Ann returns.

Funny coincidence since his colleague from STATGenevieve Schmidt was forced to take a leave of absence for the same reasons last fall, after landing the role of Germaine Lauzon in the film Sisters in law. Then author Marie-André Labbe sent her character to work abroad.

We know that I'm Richard Dube, the author and co-author ofIndefensibleHe recently suffered a heart attack, which left everyone around him in shock, including his wife, series producer Isabelle Chevrier. His funeral will also be celebrated on Friday.

The production team had already finished filming for this season. The third was confirmed by TVA.

Prominent criminal lawyer Mai Dube would often sign the trial scenes to ensure their authenticity.

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