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Cry to remind residents of vaccination

Cry to remind residents of vaccination

A truck with a loudspeaker system has been circulating on the streets of Montreal since Saturday, broadcasting messages in several languages ​​to persuade people to get vaccinated.

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Quebec is taking great measures to warn residents that there is still a place in vaccination clinics with and without an appointment on the island of Montreal.

We were able to see a Saturday caller in the Notre-Dame de Grace region, as he scrolls and passes the word in several languages. The goal is to reach cultural communities that do not speak French or English.

A city caller was spreading out on Saturday in the Notre Dame de Grace neighborhood of Montreal to encourage residents to get vaccinated.

QMI’s photo by Mario Beauregaard

A city caller was spreading out on Saturday in the Notre Dame de Grace neighborhood of Montreal to encourage residents to get vaccinated.

In this Montreal neighborhood, there are still doses of the Astra vaccine

Zeneca at the Bill-Durnan Arena. People aged 55 or over can go there without an appointment.

20,000 doses will be dispensed

Health and Social Services Minister Christian Dube announced on Twitter on Friday that he would like to sell 20,000 doses of AstraZeneca vaccines in the capital this weekend.

Meanwhile, the number of new infections remains stable in Quebec while 1,537 cases were reported on Saturday. There are also eight new deaths, for a total of 10,793 since the start of the epidemic.

However, the number of hospitalizations has increased. A total of 692 patients were hospitalized in the province, an increase of 28 from the previous day. Of those, 175 are in intensive care, an increase of eight.

Smallest affected

Faced with the observation that many young people find themselves in his intensive care unit, Dr François Marquez warns that good physical condition is no longer a protection against COVID-19.

“I have seen British variants that make young patients unusually sick. So the variants seem to be a certain amount of aggression in relation to the younger ones,” explained Head of Intensive Care at Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont, in an interview with LCN.

Many young people insist “that they are at the age of 25, 26 and 27 are protected, but this is not true.”

Prime Minister Francois Legault also challenged the youth on Saturday in a tweet.

“At the height of the first wave, we had 577 new cases per day from people under the age of 60. Currently, we have 1,376. This week, we received 247 new hospitalizations for people under the age of 65. So young people should be careful. .

At the very least, the vaccination campaign gives hope. According to the latest report, 70,908 doses were given on Friday.

During the past seven days, the number of people vaccinated has exceeded 55,000, although attendance is low in some clinics.

We broke a record on Thursday, with nearly 75,000 doses administered in the county. At this rate, the goal of vaccinating everyone who wants by June 24 seems more realistic.

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