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Britney Spears meets Disney in the “Once Upon a One More Time” musical.

Britney Spears meets Disney in the “Once Upon a One More Time” musical.

New York | Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel and company are tired of being at the mercy of Prince Charming. And to the sound of the successes of Britney Spears are living their feminist awakening today OnceA sparkling and irresistible new Broadway musical.

Nothing goes to Wonderland anymore. Tired of being reduced to the mere duties of damsels in distress, Disney princesses – the most popular of generations now and past – now crave more.

Meeting every week to rewrite their stories, Ariel, Aurora, Snow White, Cinderella, Rapunzel and Princess with the Pea finally decide to lead the rebellion, defying the established order to free themselves and free themselves from the usual clichés. They have been prisoners for a very long time. Prince Charming has nothing but to tarnish well. And a mean stepmother too.

Matthew Murphy

Modern Tales

Once So she likes to rewrite classic fairy tales by giving them a new twist, this time definitely more modern and feminist. And it works honestly so well, because we breathe a good dose of humor into these cliche and, let’s face it, often reductive stories about women.

If the plot does want to be weak at times – especially in its second act – it remains entertaining and, above all, never boring thanks to titles from Britney Spears’ repertoire centered around it.

The princesses are already singing their dismay luckythen on their flexibility more powerful. Evil stepmother, she screams toxicwhile making Prince Charming, the irreducible seducer Ooh, you did it again his rallying cry. All of this is covered in stunning choreographies polished to perfection and an amazing amount of very sparkling sequins.

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We are even amazed to see the ease with which author John Hartmeyer was able to incorporate Britney Spears’ greatest hits into his narrative by changing just a few words here and there. It’s smooth, crunchy, and holds together well, just like… Mama Mia!a Broadway hit that applied the same formula to ABBA’s repertoire.


Matthew Murphy

The curtain falls

However, you have to act quickly to find out Once On Broadway Palettes: The show will leave the poster on September 3, just over three months after arriving at New York’s Marquis Theater. Yes, even Britney Spears’ incredible oomph wouldn’t make the crowd run.

A situation that is particularly difficult to explain given the presence of talent on stage Once. Justin Guarini, Finalist for the first edition of…American Idolshines in particular as Prince Charming, while Briga Helan embodies Cinderella full of frankness and vitality, not forgetting the wonderful Jennifer Simard, who is absolutely irreplaceable in the appearance of the playful stepmother.


Matthew Murphy

And there is still a glimmer of hope for the singer’s fans. Britney Spears and Sony Pictures have already acquired the rights to the musical with a view to a possibility — and a hypothetical? The film adaptation when it was announced in 2019, but nothing has materialized since then.

Meanwhile, produce Once She recently reported plans for a North American tour and international releases, without specifying the schedule. Let’s hope this allows the show to give reason to the old adage that no one is a prophet in their own country…

  • Musical comedy Once It plays at the Marquis Theater in New York until September 3.
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