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A close friend of the royal family says Kate and William are “going through hell.”

A close friend of the royal family says Kate and William are “going through hell.”

A fashion designer close to the royal couple has revealed that Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton, are “going through hell.”

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This is the statement made by Amaya Arrieta, who has been responsible for dressing Kate and William's three children since the birth of the eldest George, in an interview in… telegraph .

“My heart is broken. I think they are going through hell. I hope they recover,” she said when asked about Kate Middleton's cancer diagnosis.

The interview initially focused on the professional experience of Ms. Arrieta, who was George, Charlotte and Louis's costume designer for nearly 10 years.

“Wearing them makes me so proud. I really care about how I wear them,” she said.


However, she couldn't help but comment on Kate's health issues and their impact on the royal family. However, the designer refrained from revealing further details regarding Prince William's wife's medical condition.

Kate Middleton, 42, is currently undergoing treatment for cancer, the exact nature of which has not been announced.

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