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The top 5 kitchen trends of the moment [2023]

The top 5 kitchen trends of the moment [2023]

The world of cooking is changing rapidly and 2023 is no exception. From sleek designs to hidden gadgets, this year’s kitchens embrace trends that are as functional as they are stylish.

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The biggest kitchen trends in 2023

Celebrity designer Manon Leblanc of Tendances Concept Montréal lists the hottest kitchen trends right now.

1. Functional simplicity: praise for simplicity

According to her, functional simplicity is the motto of 2023. Kitchens adopt clean designs that deliver optimum performance.

Smart storage solutions hide behind each door, maximizing the space available. No visible trash cans, and hello breakfast nooks hidden behind secret doors.

Courtesy Trends Montreal Concept

2. The open area

Open kitchens integrated into the living area have also remained popular, promoting seamless interaction between spaces.

3. The pattern is on top

Color contrasts are adding a dynamic touch to kitchens this year.

Courtesy Trends Montreal Concept

Light-colored kitchens made with blond strips are very successful. These colors range from white oak to dark charcoal, creating stunning pictures.

Courtesy Trends Montreal Concept

Also, the color contrast between the elements attracts attention, and the kitchens have elegant cabinets.” thankful » They come back powerfully, with a touch of modernity thanks to the slim borders.

4. Sustainability chic: commitment to the environment

However, according to Manon Leblanc, the year 2023 will see a rise in sustainable and environmentally friendly materials.

Porcelain countertops are becoming increasingly popular, offering durability and polished aesthetics. These are extremely durable as well as heat resistant and 100% eco-friendly, as they are only made from thermoplastic metals!

Euro laminate, a high-quality textured melamine, seduces with its hardness, ease of maintenance, and natural wood look.

5. My favorite tools at the moment

Most people remodeling the kitchen will now need these additions to this central room of the house.

First, the popular breakfast nook hidden behind cupboard panels or even a door.

Courtesy Trends Montreal Concept

In addition, hoods are now hidden behind custom-made cabinets or boxes, for example.

We also choose pull-out kitchen faucets (pot stuffing). It’s perfect for avoiding unnecessary trips in the kitchen.

Courtesy Trends Montreal Concept

Finally, it is necessary to think about the bins that contain the compost bins in the new kitchen.

This symbiosis of modern design and technology makes the kitchen more practical than ever.

Courtesy Trends Montreal Concept

In short, the year 2023 brings a breath of fresh air to the world of cooking. The trends are towards elegant functionality, the use of durable materials, the integration of technology and the subtle blend of vintage and modern.

Whether you’re a fan of sleek design or smart gadgets, there’s something for everyone! Don’t wait any longer and renovate your kitchen if you have been thinking about it for a long time.