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Jean-Pierre Ferland was a true king…unlike Charles III!

Jean-Pierre Ferland was a true king…unlike Charles III!

Little King Jean-Pierre Ferland was a very different kind of king from the insignificant Charles III who is our head of state.

Who among us did not love Jean-Pierre Verlande, this poet who knew how to appreciate women in the manner of a wandering poet? His words and melodies moved the souls of the people of the country and spoke to our hearts.

On the other hand, the only music associated with the current “King of Canada” is this May God protect the king That the Anglo-Canadian delegation had recently sung to the humiliation of an Acadian MP who remembered the deportation of his people. Not the same kind of music!

  • Listen to the interview between Gilles Proulx and Richard Martineau via QUB:
sensitive heart

Every time you crossed my path, it was joy! He called me warmly: “Proulx!” Brawler of the waves!” He gave me wings! And yet he was a man capable of great sorrow.

I'll never forget, on my show's microphone, this series about the difficulties of recovering from heartbreak.

It goes without saying that Ginette Reno and Jean-Pierre Ferland were on the air for this show that caused an explosion in calls and reactions, especially with these two artists who brilliantly confronted the perennial question of love.

Jean-Pierre was, on a few occasions, the captain of a solid ship, as he put it in his beautiful winning song in Brussels, your face.

  • Listen to the interview between Gilles Proulx and Richard Martineau via QUB:

It may seem unbelievable, but Ferland told me that he had been asked by Radio-Canada to co-host a show with me. “There's no way you're working with this crazy man!” He was told. But Ferland was too noble to take these quibbles into account.

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Another sign of nobility is his love for horses. During a charity event at the racetrack with media figures, Ferland surprised everyone by winning the race, and while I was feeling uneasy about the scowling jockey, I arrived dead last.

With Patriots Day coming up, why not give Ferland a great patriotic award for his entire career, since he was a real king to us?