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Beatrice Martin and actor Alexis Martin in mourning

Beatrice Martin and actor Alexis Martin in mourning

Martin’s family mourns the loss of a loved one these days and we are with them wholeheartedly. In recent days, it was announced that Stefan Martin is an uncle Beatrice Martin, alias Coeur de Pirate, At the age of 60. Stefan Martin was also the brother of an actor, author, and director Alexis Martin.

He is survived by several members of his family: his mother, his two brothers, his son, his grandson, his nephew and three of his nieces. Stefan Martin was not drawn to the world of Quebec showbiz, but rather developed in the field of advertising as a writer and director. Nevertheless, he had an artistic talent, a trait that seemed common in Martin’s family, since he wrote poetry and was passionate about photography.

The year 2021 was a bit tumultuous for the singer-songwriter. In fact, the Coeur de Pirate had to do just that To undergo major surgery A few weeks ago there was a plus He completely revisited his new corporate identity. We wish her, Alexis Martin and all of the Martin family our sincere condolences and thoughts.

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Did you enjoy Perséides, the album surprise for Cœur de Pirate? It is very good! The album is available on several online listening platforms, such as Spotify.

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