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Complete News World, your summer barbecue destination!, your summer barbecue destination!

Just in time for summer, the Zeste chain thought of many food lovers on fire, and created for them, an online destination where they can find everything they need to satisfy their barbecue cravings.

Now online, the title hosts over 400 recipes, as well as a host of tips, files, offers, and contests.

Among the culinary innovations to be discovered are the many famous chefs Stephen Reichland, Hugo Saint-Jacques and Bob Le Chef, pioneers of Zeste, are all signed. The menu on offer is very diverse, whether we think kebabs, beef, chicken, vegetarian dishes, seafood or brunch, among others.

For the sake of keeping the fans, Zeste also envisioned a TV evening where cooking on a fire will be in the spotlight.

Every Thursday, starting at 6 PM, starting June 17th, it will present three programs in quick succession that will definitely make your mouth water. The evening will start with “Non-Stop BBQ” starring Hugo Gerrard and Chef Ian Perrault. Next, it will unveil “3,2,1 BBQ” where Bob Chef will inspire people. Finally, the list will end when the Les pros du gril competition airs, in which three contestants will fight a fierce battle.

Programs such as “BBQ en can”, “Fous du BBQ”, “BBQ essentials with the barbeque expert” and “BBQ workshop with the barbecue expert” are also available via the TVA + platform.

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