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Luc Lavoie returns to "La Joute"

Luc Lavoie returns to “La Joute”

It’s a big shot that LCN just took in the middle of an election campaign: three years after it left fencingPolitical commentator Luc Lavoy will return tomorrow with the fencing team.

Known for his outspokenness, Luc Lavoie will return to his first love, television, and do what he loves most, which is talk politics.

Luc Lavoie will join Paul Larocque, who drives fencing, as well as other commentators, including Stéphane Bedard, Amir Khader, Emmanuel Latravers, Marc-Andre Leclerc, Elysee Lefebvre, Thomas Malquer, Pierre Nantel, Caroline Saint-Hilaire and Veronique Tremblay.

According to him, the “real campaign” began during face to face On Thursday evening, TVA, LCN and QUB are broadcasted.

“You lose eight points in a few days [comme c’est le cas des libéraux au Québec]Mr. Lavoie said, referring to Leger’s poll.NewspaperThe value-added tax was unveiled on Thursday.

However, he believes that nothing has yet been decided in Peel County due to the many undecided.

“The campaign so far has not been good for the liberals. They have lost control and people are angry about calling for elections in the midst of a pandemic.”

Mr Lavoie sees Conservative leader Erin O’Toole “better than people thought”, but he “doesn’t understand why people waste their votes with a party that wouldn’t be in power like the Quebecwa bloc”. To calm his remarks, he adds, bloc leader Yves-François Blanchett “given an exceptional performance” to face to face.

fencing Broadcasts weekdays, starting at 4 p.m., on LCN.