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The Luke Weisman Case: Jay A.

The Luke Weisman Case: Jay A.

End of applause for the seventeenth season of Everyone is talking about it End of this week. The popular show will withdraw on Sunday nightRadio ICI-Canada Télé.

Of course, Question we Burning lips: toanimation Jay A. He will talk about the case Luke Weizmann Who talks a lot? ProducerAvanti GroupAnd the Who was arrested Friday morningMostly, accused of sexual assault of a minor.

Soon Guy A. Lepage posted himself on Twitter: Announce it [Luc] Weizmann is no longer a co-producer of #TLMEP [Tout le monde en parle] Until the investigation ends. with immediate effect ».

Credit: Twitter screenshot Guy A. Lepage

Radio Canada also responded in the press regarding the product’s indictment: Radio Canada is currently suspending all collaboration with Avanti Groupe producer Luc Wiseman. So we let the judicial process take its course. By specifying that. All software produced by this group remains on schedule or online so as not to penalize artists and craftsmen ».

The atmosphere in the group promises to be electric! From the guest side, he will host the last show Karen VanasActress in the new series distance; Manon Masih, A spokesman Solidarity of Quebec; Jean-Philippe Barrell GirardThe author of the novel High demolition; the host Mary Yves Tremblay And the Clementine Two stories The worst idea of ​​my life: my sugar darling; Columnist Annie Sully Broto Who will talk about the documentary about the elderly Last house And the Dr. Francois Marquez And the Roxanne Burgess Da Silva That will address the topic of deconfinement. Great program in perspective!

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Everyone is talking about it It will air this Sunday at 8 pm on ICI-Canada Télé Radio and Catch-up from Monday on ICI Tou.TV.