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Artificial intelligence has its limits

Artificial intelligence has its limits

Experts say using AI can be challenging when it comes to health.

Professionals in the fields of nutrition and sports are a warning.

“The danger is that people are so overconfident,” said Martin Bergeron, Home Gym co-owner and physical trainer. […]. Is it really right for you? It is not fair that you have the program. Will you do well in the gym without injury?

Take it with a grain of salt

The Ranking of Dietitians and Nutritionists of Quebec (ODNQ) specifies that AI does not replace the critical judgment of health professionals, including those in nutrition. As with anything on the internet, there can be misinformation.

“There are many food myths being passed around on the Internet that could be found in the Chat GPT recommendations,” said ODNQ President Joëlle Emond.

The risk can be higher for those with certain health conditions or who take certain medications.

“The tool does not have the critical judgment necessary to make all the warnings or compile that information to tailor nutritional needs accordingly,” recalls Ms. Emond.

She added, “A person who will ask questions to form a nutritional plan, if his knowledge of nutrition is not very large, may neglect to put certain information necessary to calculate nutritional needs in the tool.” .

Artificial intelligence is here to stay and has the potential to become a practical tool in many cases.

“If our phone allows us to take a picture of our plate and calculate nutritional needs, it can provide interesting and more realistic information for health professionals. There are still interesting future prospects for artificial intelligence,” the head of ODNQ emphasized.

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