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Two ways to fix the bug that prevents you from sending videos

Two ways to fix the bug that prevents you from sending videos

For the past few days, WhatsApp has been refusing to send videos. A bug that has not yet been fixed in Meta, forcing users to look for workarounds. Fortunately, these exist. We present you two in this article.

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For several days, WhatsApp and its users have been victims of a very annoying bug. Unable to send videos to each other, for no apparent reason. Currently, it seems that only Android users are affected by the phenomenon, while Meta is yet to talk about it. For most, all that's left to do is wait for an update to correct the problem.

But if you're used to sending a lot of videos, as some professionals may be for example, you're probably looking for a temporary solution. That's good: we have two to offer you. Each requires a little fiddling, but they will allow you to send photos again without waiting for an official fix.

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How to fix the WhatsApp bug that prevents you from sending videos

The first solution is to go back to the old version of WhatsApp. In fact, only the latest update is affected by the glitch. So you just have to “uninstall” it to get everything back to normal. Unfortunately, the Play Store does not allow this manipulation yet, so you will need to download the corresponding APK file. Heres how to do it:

  1. Uninstall WhatsApp From your Android smartphone
  2. Click the button below to downloadWhatsApp APK
  3. Open the downloaded APK file
  4. Click on Steady
  5. Open WhatsApp and log in to your account
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You're now using the old version of WhatsApp, the one right before the latest update. So you will find the same functionality, without the error that prevents you from sending videos. All you have to do is install the next update to bring everything back to normal.

Summary of the WhatsApp interface
Credits: WhatsApp

The second solution is a bit more technical but will save you from uninstalling WhatsApp. Some users have noticed that videos can be sent in .mov format without problems. This makes perfect sense, because this is the format in which videos captured on an iPhone are saved. However, you are not affected by these errors. You can also convert the videos you want to send to .mov format so that they are not blocked by the latter. Here's how:

  1. Click the button below to download the application Video converter
  2. Open the application and press Begins
  3. Then click on Video converter
  4. Select the video of your choice and press the next
  5. in appearance-Select means of verification
  6. Adjust other settings as desired
  7. Click on Finished
  8. Rename the file if you wish and then press Memorizes

The video created will then be in the format means of verification. You should be able to send it via WhatsApp without any issues.

While these two solutions work great, users clearly lose time and convenience. So let's hope that WhatsApp will soon correct this error via a future update. Stay tuned, this should arrive soon.