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The landlord reluctantly evicts their tenant

The landlord reluctantly evicts their tenant

Véronique Duby accompanied an owner who was forced to act in spite of himself. Watch his report in the video linked to the article.

Eric Sansouci, the owner of the apartment buildings, has been trying for six months to recover the rent owed to him from one of his tenants.

“Three months later, I gave her chances and said, ‘If you want to evict me, do what you have to do.’ So we applied to the Administrative Housing Court.

A month after this request, Mr. Sansouci, accompanied by the bailiff, enforced the decision and the tenant had to leave the premises.

Mr Sansouci is still giving contact details for his tenant assistance measures.

Since returning to the apartment, she has not paid her rent. She did not want to answer our reporter’s questions, but admitted that she had nowhere to go and would live on the streets.

The tenant also left her apartment, leaving all her furniture there. And according to Sheriff Olivier Morneau, this is a rather rare situation.

“It doesn’t happen often, it’s the first time I’ve seen it,” notes the bailiff.

The old people were left alone

According to real estate attorney Melanie Chaperon, more and more elderly people are unable to pay rent and need care. Without resources, they sometimes find themselves on the street.

Adding the lost months of rent to the minutes and transportation costs, Mr. Sansouci estimates his losses to be around $10,000.

But despite the huge amount, the landlord sympathizes with the previous tenant.

“To see someone become homeless because they weren’t able to keep their own housing, there’s nothing fun about that,” he says.

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For the full report, watch the video.