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A teacher is beaten by a parent in front of the class

A teacher is beaten by a parent in front of the class

A teacher in Syracuse, New York, was violently beaten in front of her classroom by a mother who broke her jaw.

According to local media reports on Tuesday, Lenzina Sutton, 31, entered Lincoln Middle School last Friday morning and went looking for a teacher. When she found her, she entered her classroom and punched her in the face.

The professor suffered serious injuries, including a broken nasal bone, a broken jaw, and a concussion.

“These are injuries that wouldn't even be seen in a boxing match, so they're very serious,” the news website quoted District Attorney William Fitzpatrick as saying.

Hurricane 4'10''

The school's principal, Anthony Davis, explained in a press conference with local media that the mother acted out of revenge. The previous day, the girl had clashed with school security after she lied about her whereabouts and allegedly threatened to let her mother “take care of it.”

In fact, Lenzina Sutton showed up at school the next day, accompanied by the teen's grandmother. While security intercepted the duo, the mother managed to sneak into the institution. Mr Davis said security might have mistaken her for a student because she was only 4ft 10ins (1.47m) tall and was wearing a hoodie.

The school principal tried to intervene and calm things down, according to the superintendent's version of events and summarized by, but the mother was nonetheless able to leave the school after hitting the teacher.

The woman was arrested and charged within hours of the attack and will now face justice.