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Spring Break: Plan indoor activities, it's going to rain

Spring Break: Plan indoor activities, it's going to rain

Parents will have to focus on indoor activities for spring break as temperatures and precipitation are expected to be above seasonal norms over the next two weeks.

As young people in Quebec head into spring break – whether it's the last week of February or the first of March – a large low pressure system will come pumping hot air as well as bringing rain to the province.

“All areas will be affected by light spells and rain next week,” said Michelle Fleury, a meteorologist with Environment Canada.

Temperatures higher than their seasonal averages will cause many winter activity facilities to melt, according to the meteorologist.

“Even if it is cold on Saturday, it will not be enough,” she stressed. The weather will not be cold long enough to ensure maintenance of the outdoor rinks, adding that we can expect temperature records to be broken between Tuesday and Thursday.

If the forecast is less certain for the first week of March, Ms. Flory explains that there is no “significant weather event” for this period. Therefore, Quebecers can expect temperatures above seasonal norms – but cooler than the previous week – while waiting for rain to arrive.

“By the end of the first week of March, we could have rain followed by snow,” she said, adding that there would not be enough flakes to restore the white carpet to the ground.

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