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After being robbed, a couple's insurance premium doubles

After being robbed, a couple's insurance premium doubles

A couple were surprised to discover in their new insurance contract that their premium had doubled and their coverage changed after their car was stolen in January.

A few days after the claim file is completed, they will receive their new car on Wednesday, but with a new insurance contract.

During an appearance on “À vosaffaires,” CAA Quebec's vice-president of insurance, Suzanne Michaud, confirmed that it was possible for some insurers to change their coverage after a claim.

“Insurance companies always have the ability to accept or reject certain types of risks. I often give the example of someone who wants to insure against their home being flooded 50 feet from the water's edge. The insurance company might say, 'For me, that's too big a risk. “, she explains.

She wanted to clarify that she did not know the profile of the insured couple elsewhere, but she believed that because of the new data the insurance company wanted to change the protection

“It may be because the couple lives in a more dangerous neighborhood,” she says.

Watch the full explanation in the video above.

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