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Your smartphone will soon alert you if your battery needs to be replaced

Your smartphone will soon alert you if your battery needs to be replaced

Google is preparing to introduce new features that could change the rules of the game for users concerned about the battery health of their devices. It’s directly inspired by a similar function that already exists on iOS.

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As Android smartphone manufacturers update their smartphones for longer and longer, with Google now promising at least 7 years of updates, users can now keep their smartphones for many years. If this is good news, One component of your device may fail along the way: the battery.

Battery capacity degradation over time is an inevitable reality for smartphone users. That’s why Android is preparing to take a step forward to address this issue by introducing a new feature It will provide users with information about their device’s battery status. The foundation for this initiative was laid with Android 14, and the upcoming Android 15 is expected to improve and expand these capabilities.

Google already lets you monitor the health of your Pixel batteries

Battery degradation results in a decrease in maximum charging capacity, affecting the phone’s battery life on a single charge. currently, It is difficult to accurately assess the remaining battery capacity, Users often rely on third-party applications that do not always provide accurate information.

With Android 14, the operating system has started collecting battery statistics in the background. Google even brought a new “Battery Information” page to Pixel devices with the December 2023 update. View battery manufacturing date and number of cycles.

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Android 15 will introduce a new tool to monitor battery health

According to information from Android Authority, Android 15 is preparing to move forward by introducing a dedicated page for “Battery Health” in the Settings app. Although the exact details of the release are not confirmed, it is expected to bring in users More complete information about battery status.

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One of the main measures expected is “health status” which represents The current full charge capacity of the battery as a percentage of its nominal capacity. For example, if your device’s battery health is 90%, this means that the remaining charge capacity is approximately 90% of the original battery capacity.

Additionally, it will provide information about battery recalibration, a process that may take a few weeks to collect data to get a more accurate estimate of battery capacity.

Android Authority reports that Android 15 is also intended to reveal more battery information, including… Part condition and serial number. The condition of the part will indicate whether the device has the original battery it was manufactured with or whether it has been replaced. The serial number, which is a unique alphanumeric identifier, will provide additional information about the battery.

The benefit of this new feature is that by knowing the health status and other important parameters of the battery, users will be able to take proactive measures, such as replacing the battery if necessary. However, it is not known to what extent your smartphone will alert you if your battery needs to be replaced, like iOS, but We imagine Google is working on a similar function.

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Although this new information is expected to arrive on Pixel devices, the availability of these features on other devices may depend on device compatibility and specifications. Manufacturers’ implementation of Android Health’s Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL).

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