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You will soon be able to charge your Xiaomi smartphone in less than 10 minutes!

A few months ago, Xiaomi promised to bring its customers, starting from this year 2021, a recharge system that allows 100% battery recovery in less than ten minutes.. A record, of course, achieved thanks to the ultra-fast charging of 200 watts.

Less than ten minutes to charge your upcoming Xiaomi smartphone

In fact, due to the inability to offer batteries capable of offering autonomy beyond three days, some smartphone manufacturers have decided to fully exploit the fast charging path. This is the case of Vivo, Oppo or even Xiaomi that was shown at the beginning of the year 80W wireless technology, able to recharge the smartphone in less than 20 minutes.

Today, Xiaomi lifts the veil on another recharge technology, this time wired, with a system capable of fully recharging the Mi 11 Pro’s battery (4000 mAh) in … just 8 minutes. With this technology Hypercharge 200 wattsSo Xiaomi can recharge (up to 100%) the smartphone battery in record time. It will take 15 minutes with its 120W wireless counterpart.

Fast charging is without a doubt the new horse for many Chinese smartphone manufacturers. It’s been a few long months now as they brilliantly compete to offer ever faster charging, and a damn process to the user, undeniably. According to The Verge:However, it should be noted that these fast charging systems still require special chargers and cables, so they will be used mostly in the home rather than in emergency situations where they can be of great benefit.

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For comparison, the iPhone 12 also has a fast charging system, with a charger sold as an option and only 20W, which is ten times less than the solution offered by Xiaomi.