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Summit on education: to finally talk about the real issues

Summit on education: to finally talk about the real issues

Our education system deserves bold initiatives. While some may remember the glory days of François Legault’s reign as education minister, the idea of ​​holding an education summit is now a serious option that should be put on Mr. Drainville’s desk.

While many are hailing this proposal as an opportunity to redefine the educational landscape, others are greeting it with a mixture of cynicism and cautious expectations. In light of this renewed enthusiasm for education, let us examine the reasons, hopes, and doubts surrounding this initiative.

Quebec has always had a complex relationship with its education system. On the one hand, it can boast of houses of academic excellence, dedicated professors, and wonderful educational resources. On the other hand, previous educational reforms sometimes left a taste of unfinished business.

In this context, the idea of ​​holding an education summit should re-emerge, with the aim of returning education to the heart of public debates and political priorities.

Challenges old and new

The previous summit on education, which François Legault chaired during his time as Minister of Education, remains a landmark moment in the history of education in Quebec. He highlighted issues such as academic success, teacher promotion, and adaptation to technological changes.

If a new summit emerges, it could be an opportunity to revisit these questions as well as explore new challenges such as distance learning, the placement of sexual minority students, removing a year from the curriculum and more.

However, cynicism is never far away when we talk about educational reforms. In no case should this summit turn into an opportunistic political platform, leaving real educational needs in the background. Others are concerned about the lack of follow-up after such incidents, citing previous recommendations that sometimes seemed to fade into oblivion once the spotlight faded.

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Despite these reservations, we must move forward and establish cross-party dialogue to avoid putting an entire generation under the guillotine. We must believe that education in Quebec can be reimagined by prioritizing a new spirit of innovation and creativity in the classroom. We must hope that this summit will bring together diverse voices – educators, students, parents and experts – to build a strong consensus on the best path forward for the district’s educational future.

In an ever-changing world, education must evolve to remain relevant. The skills needed to succeed in modern society are not static, and teaching methods must adapt accordingly.

The Summit on Education could be an opportunity to lay the foundations for a more resilient education system capable of preparing Quebec’s youth to meet the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.H a century.

If the summit can move beyond political games and focus on the real needs of learners and teachers, it can be a catalyst for positive and lasting educational change in Quebec. The question that remains is: Will we be able to develop our young minds with the passion and ambition they deserve?

smiley grant, Student in Humanities at the Cégep de Matane and recipient of the Order of the Lieutenant Governor