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WWE RAW results February 5, 2024

WWE RAW results February 5, 2024

WWE RAW St. Louis, Missouri

Commentators are Michael Cole and Pat McAfee.

– Tonight is WWE RAW, the red show begins with a video of Cody Rhodes' victory at the Royal Rumble and then a video of The Rock's return to SmackDown last Friday.

Then World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins enters the ring. Rollins welcomes us to Rollins Monday night. He's the visionary, he's the revolutionary, he's Seth Rollins. Rollins says he's been in WWE all week and after Friday he smelled exactly what was cooking. The crowd starts booing and then chants “Cody.” Rollins says the good news is he wants Cody Rhodes too. And after Friday, he has more questions than answers, so it's time for Cody to get here. Cody's music starts and he gets into the ring. The crowd cheers for Cody. Cody asks Seth what he wants to talk about. The audience chants “Rocky sucks.” Rollins says he didn't expect to hear that. The crowd sings “We Want Cody” and “Rocky Sucks.”

Rollins says he'll get to that point. He understands what Cody is going through, but they need an answer. He said last week that his nickname is the most popular and he still means it. But if he's being 100% honest, he needs this match as much as Cody does. he is telling the truth. He should know he's better than the last time they fought. He has to know he's the best and that's only by competing against the best Cody Rhodes. So this needs answers, will Cody face him at WrestleMania? The crowd starts booing again. Drew McIntyre's music starts and he comes to the ring. Drew says he speaks for everyone when he says: What is this. Drew says they're going to ruin WrestleMania. Seth is the only one who hates CM Punk as much as he does. Seth knew Punk was bad for business. The two are expected to talk about the main event of WrestleMania. He even has a t-shirt to steal his spot from CM Punk.

Drew asks why Seth had to let Punk get into his head? Drew says Cody needs to finish his story ! Cody has been talking about this for two years, not forgetting all the work Cody has done, he deserved this moment. Cody should not let him down, not let his family down, and not let down all the fans. He doesn't want to go in that direction, but Cody can't let his father down. Rollins says Drew doesn't need to be an idiot. Why does Drew think they'll face each other at WrestleMania if Cody doesn't agree? Drew has lost to him twice already. Drew says he lost due to outside circumstances and Seth lost to Cody three times. Drew says Seth did a great job with the title to give him something to live for. Seth should ignore what Cody or the fans say. He could let Cody face Roman Reigns and we know the ending where the Family will get involved again. Rollins has done a great job as champion, but it's time for Drew to take over.

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Drew headbutts Rollins to drop him! Cody punches Drew and Drew escapes from the ring.

– Back after the break, the match begins.

Tag Team Title Qualifiers – 4-Way Tag Team Match

The winners will go to SmackDown to face Dan and Patty.

New Day (Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods) vs. DIY (Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano) Opposite the empire (Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci) vs. Creed Brothers (Julius and Brutus Creed)

At the end of the fight, the Creeds perform a Brutus Ball on Vinci, but DIY gets back into the action. They superkick Creed to knock them out of the ring. Ciampa and Gargano hit a double superkick on Vinci for the count of three.

Winners: DIY

– Backstage, Shayna Baszler says the last time she was in the Elimination Chamber she destroyed everyone and Becky stopped everything. But tonight she could start right off with Becky and tear her to shreds.

– Backstage, Becky Lynch says that tonight her title is not at stake. Tonight, she must defeat Baszler because her future is at stake.

– Back, the gladiators arrive.

Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match – Singles Match

Becky Lynch vs. Shayna Baszler

At the end of the fight, the two exchanged blows. Baszler wants to apply the Kirifuda, but Becky pushes her back for a quick count and she fights back. Baszler blocks the Dis Arm Her and wants to hit him with a knee, but Becky avoids that and hits a Man Handle Slam for the three count.

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Winner: Becky Lynch

– Backstage, Kathy is with her Liv morgan For his comments on his upcoming qualifying match. Liv Morgan says these women have nothing to do with her work. She almost lost an entire year of her career. It's been a very long time. So next week is her time for revenge and her revenge is Rhea Ripley.

– We present a video of this weekend's WWE live event where Nakamura attacked Cody.

– Backstage, Adam Pearce talks with Drew McIntyre. Pearce says he doesn't understand why Drew would attack Punk and then Rollins, both of whom are injured. He will lose zero in his bank account because he will be fined. (Rhea Ripley enters the ring at the same time). Drew tells him to go take care of Ripley because she doesn't look very happy either.

Rhea Ripley He enters the ring. Ripley says Becky just qualified for the room, but she's not here to talk about qualifying. She's here to ask Nia Jax face-to-face so she can blow his head off. Adam Pearce comes to the ring and says this is not the time for that. He understands that she's angry, but they won't do it that way. He understands that she wants Nia Jax, so he has something ready. Nia Jax will give him the Women's Championship at Elimination Chamber. Is this good for her? Nia Jax's music starts and she comes to the ring. Pierce wants to stop her, but Nia pushes him. Nia and Ripley traded blows in the ring. Pearce asks security to come help him, but Nia pushes them all out of the ring! Nia finishes with a Banzai Drop on Ripley.

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– We present a video of Bayley, who decided to confront Io Sky at WrestleMania during SmackDown last Friday.

– Back, the match begins.

Mixed tag team match

Akira Tozawa and Maxine Dupree with Chad Gable and Otis vs. Ivar and Valhalla

At the end of the fight, Tozawa and Ivar clashed in the corner, and Tozawa made him do a headscissors kick, but Ivar didn't go down. Ivar follows up with a power slam from the corner on Tozawa for the three count.

Winners: Ivar and Valhalla

– We present a video of the latest events between the truth and the Day of Resurrection.

– Behind the scenes we find the Day of Resurrection. Balor and Priest say they're not afraid of who will face them after SmackDown. Dominik Mysterio says Ripley is fine after Nia Jax's attack, but she needs her space. R-Truth arrives and asks his family what they're talking about. JD McDonagh says Truth is happy because he will have to go to the ring for his match or else he will beat him up. The truth is that last week was the beginning. Balor says there was no acceptance at all, he can't deal with this guy. Priest becomes frustrated and tells Truth to move to the dressing room. The clan leaves.

– Backstage, Jackie asks The Miz about his comments on R-Truth. Miz says that Truth still believes he's on Judgment Day. He doesn't know whether that makes him a genius or a fool. But everyone loves the truth because he always has genius ideas. But Doomsday has no idea what's in store for him because he's awesome.

Single match

JD McDonagh Accompanied by Dominik Mysterio vs. The Miz

At the end of the fight,

The current one

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