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Stéphan Bureau reveals the decor of its program "Le monde à l'envers"

Stéphan Bureau reveals the decor of its program “Le monde à l’envers”

Stefan’s office unveiled the decor of its Friday show The world is invertedEach week, he will be surrounded by committee members and guests who will discuss, for 90 minutes, hot current topics and direct social issues.

The event will be presented Friday evening from TVA’s Studio A, and will also welcome the public from September 16. People in the room as well as viewers and listeners – the show will be broadcast simultaneously on QUB Radio – will be able to participate.

QMI photo, Joel LeMay

QMI photo, Joel LeMay

On Friday morning, as we were about to film another pilot a week before the big premiere, Stéphan Bureau and his team unveiled the set that includes the show’s huge logo on either side of the circular stage where five offices are arranged.

Each week, four regular collaborators – out of a group of eight – cross swords while respectfully and happily discussing all the current topics of the week or even of the day.

The Sphère Média and Stéphan Bureau team made sure that there were people from all walks of life around the table, in order to express the plurality of voices and opinions. The important thing, it was said, was to learn or re-learn how to debate without insulting each other and without attacking each other, as is often the case on social networks, a phenomenon exacerbated by the pandemic.

QMI photo, Joel LeMay

During Friday’s presentation, Stephane’s desk was surrounded by his aides Yasmine Abdel-Fadil, Biz, Louise Descatelis, Sophie Duroucher and Jay Nantel. Gregory Charles, Raed Hammoud and Richard Martineau will also be present during the season.

the offer The world is inverted It will be presented live every Friday, at 8pm, starting September 16th on TVA and on QUB Radio, as well as repeating on LCN every Saturday at the same time.

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