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Ariel and Benjamin win 'Love Island'

Ariel and Benjamin win ‘Love Island’

Ariel and Benjamin have been chosen by the public as the big winners of the first season of “Love Island,” the new TVA-supported reality show, on Sunday night.

The couple, who have spent the past five days out of sight in a hut deep in the woods, are now ready to meet family and friends, teeming with joint ventures.

In sunny Los Cabos, Mexico, Ariel and Benjamin fall in love with each other. “The allure came right away,” the blonde islander explained. After just one conversation, we were already engrossed and emotional. Whenever we talked about different topics, we saw that we complemented each other and agreed on everything. ”

According to the young woman, they have not only the same values, but also the same vision for the future and the same outlook on the family.

However, the two admit that without the show, they would never have been certain they would have met. “I think it was going to be tough,” said the 25-year-old. We come from different angles, and we don’t have the same friends. He said in an interview on Monday, the day after the Grand Final.

They are also very excited about the fact of having to marry their entourage in the coming weeks.

mutual projects

Although they do not plan to move in together in the coming weeks, they have time to develop joint projects that they want to achieve quickly.

“We’ll get through the next few weeks first getting our lives together,” Ariel said. Then we will work on our projects.”

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The couple especially like to travel, share their experiences and show their daily life on social networks.

“We have a lot of great ideas and intentions, we’re going to start like this,” Ariel added.

Benjamin, who was among the first islanders to move into the show house, owns a restaurant, but his business partner tells him he can take his time to solidify his relationship and his plans. before returning.

quick treatment

The two agree that the “Love Island” experience made them grow a lot.

“It was a big task for us, analyzed the young man. Both, we had great communication problems, which caused the breakup of the former spouses. Today, communication is our strength. We had time to talk a lot together. The experience was very humane. At first maybe it was not It’s normal to sit in a corner to talk about our emotions, but it has become a natural reaction over time.”

Ariel claims to have lived in an emotional lift throughout her time in Mexico.

“There is a lot going on in an intense way, it is an experience that has made us grow exponentially, we have learned a lot. This psychological development could have taken us years. But there it was very fast and effective.”

They feel like they’ve changed so much that they don’t necessarily want to watch every show again.

In addition to finding love, the couple will share the grand prize of $50,000.

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