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Wrestling: Jacques Rougeau finally admitted to the Hall of Fame

Wrestling: Jacques Rougeau finally admitted to the Hall of Fame

Jacques Rougeau has spent his life in the world of wrestling and his career is finally being recognized.

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On August 4, he was inducted into the Project X Wrestling Hall of Fame, an initiative of Ontario’s DC Knapman.

In fact, the former Monty is the first member of this brand new entity and Rogo had suspicions at first sight.

“I wanted to know if I was really the first or if it was just a gimmick Booster my file. They told me that with Lutte Academie and my contribution to wrestling, it was worth it.”

It was time

Rougeau is not one to chase honors, but he knows its value and the value of the impressive career he has had in the ring.

The 63-year-old has yet to be inducted into any Hall of Fame, be it the Canadian Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame, which includes fighters Georges St-Pierre and Patrick Cote, or the WWE Hall of Fame.

“It’s incomprehensible that the Rougeau family is not in the WWE Hall of Fame,” Rougeau laments on the phone. As the Fabulous Rougeau Brothers, we fought the guys who are all in Tempe today and not us, they weren’t alone in the ring, these guys.

“With the three characters I’ve done, it’s okay that Vince McMahon doesn’t like me, but I deserve to be there.”


Rougeau is not at fault as the conflict has pitted him for the WWE founder for over twenty years.

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It all goes back to the months leading up to Wrestlemania X. Rougeau then wrestled as a team with Pierre-Carl Ouellet under the name The Quebecers. For a few months, the Quebec pair suffered defeat after defeat, but McMahon promised her everything would return to normal at the ceremony where she would unequivocally defeat Men on a Mission.

But things didn’t turn out that way. A few hours before Wrestlemania X, Quebecer Pat Paterson, who works for WWE, went to see Rougeau to tell him that the script would change and that his duo would instead win by disqualification. did not pass.

Rougeau went to see Vince McMahon to tell him he was leaving the organization, which he did shortly after.


In Rougeau’s eyes, this misunderstanding should not affect his legacy in what was then the WWF.

“A hall of fame shouldn’t take into account your personal relationship to the instigator, it should take into account your career and what you’ve done. It’s not a way to promote someone, it’s something to be earned.

We feel that Rougeau is still very bitter towards McMahon and is hopeful that things will change even if there is very little chance he will reconcile with the founder of the organization.

“I’ve filled arenas, people have finished fights standing up, but that, Vince McMahon doesn’t recognize.”

Even the intervention of wrestling’s biggest star of the past 40 years wasn’t enough to turn the tide.

“Hulk Hogan made a video to promote us last year and it just didn’t work.”

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The Lutte Academie semi-final evening will take place Sunday, August 20 at Club Soda.