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Hi Regine!  |  Montreal Journal

Hi Regine! | Montreal Journal

We’d love to call Vladislav Tretiak to tell us about Régine Tremblay, but one of the only people in Quebec who should have the phone number of the legendary Russian goalkeeper is… Régine Tremblay himself.

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Réjean Tremblay who, this morning, signs his last script for Newspaperafter 12 years as a columnist on our pages and on our websites.

But at nearly 79 years old, and after more than 50 years in the sports journalism business, which he helped develop, Regan is certainly not done getting people talking.

His pen will still come in handy, as will his many connections made around the world.

“Regan owed his success to his literary talent and great curiosity, but above all to his work,” asserts the editor-in-chief of the newspaper Montreal JournalDanny Doucette. It starts at dawn and makes endless phone calls as soon as the others wake up. »

“He does more before noon than most people do in a whole day,” adds Mr. Doucette. Speaking to the world is the foundation of our business. »

The human before the athlete

We called several characters – before dinner time – to draw a picture of Regian.

Craftsmen from various sports, including boxing, which became his hobby, and hockey.

Because Réjean is interested in all sports. In fact, more than the sport, it is the human behind the athlete that fascinates him.

And the emotion that follows the result is more than the result itself.

Boxer Simon Keane also quickly noticed.

“Réjean helped me a lot,” he says. When I started, I had bad press because of my criminal past and with one text, he managed to change people’s perception of me. Regine is a person with a human side and a big heart. »

“He has an undeniable passion for boxing, but behind it all, I think he loves being close to the guys, whether they’re coaches or athletes,” said Mark Ramsey.

“I get the impression that he is something less than that in hockey, which is why he likes to follow boxers,” reminds the coach.

Vladislav Tretyak

Over the past few years, the veteran columnist has taken a front row seat to several major boxing matches. He was in London, last January, for the Artur Peterbiev vs. Anthony Yarde fight.

Photo from Prejean Tremblay’s Facebook page

“fefans” and “organization”

But let’s talk about that, about hockey, and this love-hate relationship with Canadians, as well as with his fans (or “his fans,” as he likes to call them).

How can a man who shoots red bullets at “the Organization,” as St. Flannel calls him, persuade Frans-Marguerite Belanger, executive vice president of CH Group, to play the back-interview game?

MI She says Belanger was hesitant from the start. But she accepted. The questions were not all easy. She does not wish to indulge in her private life.

“But when I saw that he respected my decision, a trusting relationship gradually developed between us,” explains the lady.I Belanger, who underscores the columnist’s exuberance and his way of speaking to Quebecers.

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“Even if he sometimes writes things that are a bit surprising! She says with a laugh.

Vladislav Tretyak

Réjean Tremblay and Guy Lafleur have developed a great friendship over the years.

Archive photo

Regine and Lulu

This abundance is also reflected in our televisions. Because it’s hard to talk about Réjean Tremblay without mentioning, of course, Throw a promise.

A series in which one of the central characters is a journalist famous for his hard work, the unspeakable Lulu.

“When you say you meet someone and it changes your life, that’s Réjean Tremblay for me,” testifies Denis Bouchard, who played Lulu. For this role he entrusted me, he brought me beats Sports journalist, in the Olympic Stadium to watch the Expos from the stand, and then at Canadiens games, including in the players’ room. »

He was like, ‘Come on, let’s see what Carbo has to say!’ »

Bouchard also emphasizes Réjean Tremblay’s concern for human beings, but also his generosity.

“I was in my early 30s and was as much of a hockey fan as any kid. Until then, I was a speed skater in the National Improv League. Lulu’s turn was great. Not a week goes by that I don’t hear from him.”

“I found him drooling!”

But Regine Tremblay isn’t just about kindness and generosity. His pen can sometimes (often?) be cliched.

Moreover, not only does he have his pen, but our columnist Mark D. Foe recalls, who first rubbed shoulders with him when the two men were working for rival media: Mark O. NewspaperRejean In Journalism.

“Damn I found him drooling when I met him! Marc de Foy exclaimed. He was really different from the chroniclers of the time. […] I told her my feelings several times. »

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He adds, “But I saw him as a big bear, basically. There’s not much I haven’t told him about. I brewed it up a bit already. Even on TV at the time.” 110%One evening, I told him that he was full of mother … “

Régine Tremblay doesn’t seem to hold a grudge, however, notes Marc de Foy, who underscores the huge influence the columnist has had on the Quebec sports media landscape.

Without becoming “intimate” as they passed from rivals to colleagues, the two men had called each other several times in recent years, to talk about their subjects, and the evolution of the profession.

Write with all your senses

Moreover, although he was able to adapt to the changes the media had undergone over the years, Regine Tremblay repeatedly reminded his fellow journalists, especially younger ones, of the importance of topical interest to human beings.

To use all his senses on the playground: sight, hearing and, if necessary, smell, taste and touch.

This undoubtedly helped Réjean develop a sixth sense for himself: an understanding of what would interest the reader.

Good continuation, Regine Tremblay. But it is possible that someday we will call you back if, for example, we still need the coordinates of Vladislav Tretyak.