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Pint of Science, a festival to meet many scientists –

Pint of Science, a festival to meet many scientists –

Science should be consumed in moderation in a bar: this is the principle of the Pint of Science festival held in French-speaking Switzerland. Sion, Geneva, Fribourg, Neuchâtel and Lausanne are participating in the conference.

The idea of ​​a Pint of Science is simple: scientists meet the general public in a pub, café, public place or, originally, a pub. The festival was born in the UK in May 2013 under the momentum of the graduate student and postdoctoral research community.

Today, more than 400 cities in 25 different countries participate simultaneously in these three days to celebrate the popularization of science, From May 13 to 15. in SwissTwelve cities offer a program in French, English and German depending on the events.

“Quench your thirst for knowledge,” declares the festival’s slogan. Scientists come to share cutting-edge research in different categories, whether “from atoms to galaxies” (physics, chemistry, mathematics, astronomy) or related to our minds (neuroscience, psychology, psychiatry), our bodies (medicine, human biology, health) , our society (law, history, politics, languages), our planet (earth sciences, botany, zoology), and technology (robotics, IT, engineering). Researchers generally speak for five to twenty minutes, and then the audience can ask questions.

“Very important” exercise.

“It is not an easy exercise, especially when you stay in your scientific environment, but it is very important that you succeed in doing it in order to make this kind of knowledge accessible to as many people as possible,” says researcher Fanny Krebs. In the Oncology Department of CHUV, he was interviewed on Monday at 12:30 pm on RTS.

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For her, the experience is very enriching: “It's a change from traditional conferences, which are seen as dusty. The atmosphere is relaxed and accessible.” The researcher specializing in bioinformatics applied to precision oncology believes that the public is very receptive, and asks interesting and relevant questions: “It's a different point of view. It also allows us to identify aspects that can be clarified. It shakes us in a 'good way, there are things that are difficult,' “However, the public, even without scientific expertise, is very curious and very interested in this kind of event.”

After leaving the laboratories to go to the bars, the scientist is happy to see that everyone can feel “at their place, with a drink,” like in the show.

Pint of Science also offers city tours and online activities such as listening to podcasts and “scientific snapshots” in the form of short videos.

Radio interview: Manuela Salvi

Web article: Stephanie Jacquet