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For the first time in Canada: Amazon workers in Laval belong to unions

For the first time in Canada: Amazon workers in Laval belong to unions

200 employees at an Amazon warehouse in Laval are now represented by a union, making them the web giant's first unionized workers in Canada.

On April 19, CSN filed an application with the Administrative Labor Tribunal (TAT) to represent employees of Amazon's DXT4 warehouse, on rue Ernest-Cormier in Laval.

After conducting its investigations, the TAT finally ruled and admitted that “the majority of employees […] They chose to join their union in order to begin negotiations leading to a first collective agreement,” we read in a CSN press release on Monday. Now that they have unionized, Amazon has a legal obligation to negotiate a collective contract, it was explained.

“First and foremost, this is a very big victory for women and men from Latin America, Chad, the Maghreb and Asia, who were not afraid to stand up to ensure that their rights were respected,” declared the President of the Network’s Central Committee, Caroline Sainville. .

According to what CSN reported, it is these inflated work rates, “completely deficient” occupational health and safety measures, as well as salaries that are “significantly lower” than those offered in Quebec's warehouse and distribution center sector, that have incentivized workers to Come Together.

But the union center confirmed that Amazon announced, on May 6, its intention to appeal the TAT’s decision.

“In the coming days,” the union’s first general assembly will be held to set its statute and regulations and elect union representatives.