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Masters Tournament: Tiger Woods plays his second role

Masters Tournament: Tiger Woods plays his second role

RDS and RDS direct It features the four rounds of the Masters Tournament. You can also follow today’s group, driving range, and safe corner (holes 11, 12 and 13) as well as holes 4, 5, 6, 15 and 16 thanks to our multiple environment.


Augusta, USA – Tiger Woods begins his second run on the Augusta National lanes for the second round of the Masters Tournament. It is currently at +1 cumulatively.

The day before, Woods got off to a good start, thirteen months after the car crash that nearly cost him his right leg, and finished his first round with a -1 accumulator.

Tiger Woods Day

As in the first round, Woods’ shot missed the first hole on the right. After putting his ball in the bunker on his second shot, the American was unable to save his footing on a ten-foot shot.

Woods also shot his own tee in a bunker on a par-5 pit. He was forced to settle down on a par after he patted the cup by hitting him in the shape of a bird.

Trouble for Tiger early in the second round

Woods’ problems continued on the third hole when the wind caught his second shot. He once again missed a knockout that would have allowed him to save on par to fall back to +1 for the championship.

Then, on Level 3 of the fourth hole, Woods missed the green on his tee shot before leaving his close-up a long way from goal. He committed another bogey, his third hole punch in four holes to start his round.

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It’s the first time in 93 rounds in the Masters that Woods has a +3 after just four holes.

The tricky fifth hole cost another shot for Woods, who once again missed a tee shot to the right. After returning to play, Woods’ third shot ended about ten feet from the hole, but again, the rescue shot hit the edge of the hole.

Woods settled his round par with holes six and seven to stay at +3 for the championship.

The 46-year-old golfer took advantage of hole number 5 8 to score his first birdie of the day. Woods was able to put his second shot close to the green, before adjusting his approach a few feet from the hole to easily let him fly.

On the ninth day, Woods dropped his stick behind his back after hitting his second shot. Despite his disappointment, he was able to save on equal terms to score 39 points in the top nine.

Woods started his second nine in a classy fashion. On the tricky 10th hole, the five-times champion put his approaching cup close to just two feet from the cup to cheering the crowds huddled around the green. After hitting the short jumper, Woods was back to +1 for the tournament.

It was Woods’ first birdie in the tenth since the last round of the 2013 Masters.

Unfortunately, Woods erased the work done on the next hole with a ghost on the eleventh. Again, his short shot to equalize didn’t find the line he would end up at the bottom of the cup.

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In the legendary 12th, a short 3rd short, Woods also had to settle for a bogey, at 6 of the day. Woods completed an “Amen’s Corner” with a nicely crafted hole punch on Day 13 to give himself a short flying chance and back to +2.

Summary of the second round of the Masters Championship

Several bursts despite conditions