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Australia: Small plane lands without landing gear, no injuries

Australia: Small plane lands without landing gear, no injuries

Fears for passengers on Australian flights A small plane failed to land in Newcastle, Australia on Monday due to a technical problem. The British newspaper reported that none of the three people on board were injured during the emergency maneuver. GuardianIn an article Invented by Ouest-France.

At 8:30am local time (12:30pm in France) on Monday morning, the flight took off from Newcastle Airport, north of Sydney, for the coastal city of Port Macquarie. The pilot quickly noticed “problems with the landing gear” of the Beechcraft B200 turboprop plane, the local police chief said. He decided to return to Newcastle Airport, where fire engines and ambulances were stationed.

After circling above the airport for several hours, the pilot was able to land the plane on its belly around 12:20 p.m. to “burn off fuel” and reduce the risk of a fire on landing. Neither the pilot nor his two passengers (a 60-year-old man and a 65-year-old woman) were injured.

“Great job”

“I have absolutely no doubt about the outcome of the flight,” said pilot Peter Schadt, who promised. Australian media outlet Nine News After doing crunches “200 or 300 times”. “Pete did an amazing job. He was great, 100% calm the whole time,” one of the passengers told the same media outlet.

Video. ISTANBUL: Boeing 767 emergency landing on its belly after landing gear malfunctions

An investigation has been handed over to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau to clarify the circumstances of the incident. Newcastle Airport is also expected to be closed for around 24 hours. According to the police chief, although the damage appears “superficial”, it is especially time to assess the condition of the track.

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