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World Juniors: A 'slightly shaky' start for the Cooley trio

World Juniors: A ‘slightly shaky’ start for the Cooley trio

Edmonton – The Logan Cooley Junior World Championships so far can be summed up in a series of small frustrations. Nothing makes him lose his smile, on the contrary. The American midfielder was laughing and relaxing Sunday morning, a few hours before an important game against Sweden.

However, we felt he was in no hurry for luck to start smiling at him.

A bandage on his chin camouflaged a scar left by a stray disc the day before against Austria, a game in which he still blames himself for failing in two Michigan-style goal attempts.

He whipped himself “I don’t know what I was thinking.” The goal was wide open and I missed my shot. »

To make matters worse, Cooley had to spend a good hour in the arena after his team’s victory, a time that his bladder allowed him to cooperate with the IIHF staff who came to present him for a random doping test.

On ice, Collie’s body is also slow to show perfect synchronization with his brain’s commands. The third-choice talent in the latest NHL draft is eye-catching for anyone who would bother to watch it closely, but the streak he focuses on with wingers Matthew Knies and Matthew Coronato doesn’t replace them intended. before the start of the tournament. The “big line” currently prevalent among Americans is rather the line of Thomas Bordillo of Quebec with Carter Mazur and Landon Slaggert.

“Of course we would like to produce more, admits Cooley, who claims a goal and assists after three games. But I still say we had several dominant presences in the attacking area. It’s just that luck doesn’t smile at us often.”

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Synes had said in more direct terms the day before: “It’s a little shaky now.” But we will get there. It’s our first time playing together and I just need to understand Logan a little better. We know he likes to slow down the game and that requires an adjustment period for me. But he will come. »

talent and work

Despite the suboptimal start, Knies won’t want to play with any other central player. He is also one of those who convinced Cooley to join the University of Minnesota in his college career. The two will team up next season with Gopher.

“It’s simple, we just have to give him a disc! He makes great plays and has enough confidence to want the disc on his paddle the whole time. I think the more we can find a way to feed her, the better off our team will be.”

“I was a fan of him as soon as I saw him play for the first time, as his colleague Thomas Bordello tells. He is one of my best friends in the team, and I really like spending time with him. We are the same kind of players, not the biggest or the tallest, but more talented and rational. I train with him and try things on the snow. He has a great career ahead.”

Cooley is one of three Team USA players born in 2004. Only striker Charlie Strammell, a 2023-eligible striker who plays a marginal role on the team, is his forward. Despite his young age, coach Nate Lyman says the decision to include him on his roster was a self-made one.

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“I was expecting him to play a full championship last December before everything was cancelled,” Lehmann said earlier this week. We had time to play against Slovakia and he played a lot of big games in this match. I was expecting this tournament to really put him on the map. »

“He is a very dynamic player and when he works as he does now, his impact is even greater. I think he is finished [le match contre l’Allemagne] With five strokes. It’s a big deal for the whole team when such a talented player uses his shoulder pads from time to time. »

Private trip to Arizona

This isn’t the first time this summer that Logan Cole’s daily life has been tinged with a bit of adversity. The new Arizona Coyotes visited the team’s facilities for the first time in July while attending development camp. Discover for the first time the truth about professional hockey.

“What I remember is how hard everything is. The competition is harder, we can’t take time off. Everyone is looking for work. Once we get to that level, it really is. Business. The work of men is at stake.”

However, life in the NHL comes with perks, especially when you’re in the first round with life ahead of you. Cooley gets his first luxury treatment when the Coyotes transfer him to join other rookies in the organization on a private jet. Maverick Lamoreaux, of Drummondville Voltigors, was among the passengers on this unforgettable trip.

However, Cole is willing to wait before permanently rejoining the lives of the rich and famous. The talented youngster will complete at least one season in the NCAA before signing his first NHL contract.

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“I want to take the time to develop myself a little more, gain strength and add items to my game.”