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Don't beat Mathieu Perreault out of the starting lineup so fast

Don’t beat Mathieu Perreault out of the starting lineup so fast

Tovoli, Suzuki, Coffield, Hoffman, Dvorak, Darwin, Anderson, Gallagher, Evans, Bucket, Likonen, Jeremiah…

12. The count is good. Many people form four lines with these 12 forwards.

Some people sometimes add Ryan Poehling’s name, but many (also) forget Matheu Perreault.

However, Perreault was praised by everyone who knew him. Capable of playing in all positions, in all lines and in all situations, we hear qualifiers so often Swiss knife When it comes to Perreault.

He’s not the best at one thing, but he’s good at everything. UN Jack of all trade, genre …

Yes he is 33 years old and yes he signed a (small) one-year contract only…

But he just got 19 points in 56 games, and also scored a difference of plus 6. Don’t come and tell me he won’t be able to start the season in Six bottom Montrealer…

Especially since he is able to play on both wings and in the middle!

Yesterday, Perreault participated in to watch By Jean Charles Lagoy at TVA Sports.

He indicated that he was making a file ti-ass . dream wears uniform blue white red At the age of 33, he now felt ready to live the Canadian experience of Montreal.

“I’m living it in time. I got to a point where coming to Montreal was something I wanted. When I had the chance, I didn’t hesitate for a second, it was a golden opportunity. I’m going home.”- Mathieu Perrault

Someone who’s always been successful at the Bale position in the past wasn’t afraid to send an indirect message to his new bosses yesterday: he’d rather play in the position.

“I have played all my career in the center, and this is where I feel most comfortable. In this position, you have more control over the performance of your trio.” Mathieu Perrault

to note that Perreault has won 50.5% of 3,075 games during his NHL career. Will you convince Marc Bergvin and Dominique Ducharme?

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Bergevin has mostly talked about Suzuki, Dvorak, Evans, Beckett and Boehling as central choices this summer. Will the team change their mind? If so, early in the season or all the way?

One thing is for sure, Perreault is going to be very difficult to get out of the squad, period. Keep this in mind when enjoying doing your own threesomes on a piece of paper or trying to impress a co-worker coffee machine edge Zoom in…

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