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"I can't reveal the amount!"  - Coffield

“I can’t reveal the amount!” – Coffield

“It costs you once, but after that, you pay the bill.” Martin St. Louis summed up his rookie dinner this way when he was still an NHL player.

St. Louis didn’t have to take out his credit card to absorb the cost of a Canadian starter dinner. This evening is for players.

“I can’t reveal the amount. I don’t have the exact number in mind, but I widened my eyes!”

Cole Caufield kept smiling even though he might have put more money on his credit card than he had during a traditional dinner at La Banquise on Rachel Street in Montreal.

Coffield was part of a large group of seven starters who were lucky enough to split the total bill.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there was no starter dinner last year. Caufield, Jake Evans, Alexander Romanoff, Michael Pezzetta, Kaley Clagg, Corey Scheuenemann and Kayden Primo were the lucky seven.

“It was a beautiful evening,” Pezzetta said. Guys always say you remember a beginner’s dinner forever. We had the outfit, it was funny. As a group, we enjoyed our day.”

“I’ll remember all evening,” Coffield added. “I had fun with the guys. It also felt good to get out of the hockey game.”

To spice up the day a bit, the seven guys in CH spent a good portion of the day wandering the streets of Vancouver in a Frogman disguise.

happy moment

As José Tudor tells it in his column, this rookie party remains a highlight of the season. With three days between games against the Oilers and the Canucks, Vancouver was the perfect location to hold this event.

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“It’s a tradition,” St. Louis recalls. When the schedule comes, you really start looking to see where you can organize a starter dinner. You look at cities where you can have fun and where you spend more time. I signed up for Vancouver this year.”

St. Louis organized to get the villain out of his players’ bodies fairly quickly. He performed a training of approximately 60 minutes at 1:45 p.m. PT.

“We have come out of the longest training since I started training here,” St. Louis said. It wasn’t a punishment but a necessity to help them 100% on Wednesday.