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Why you need to perform this update on your iPhone, iPad and iPod

Why you need to perform this update on your iPhone, iPad and iPod

As the iPhone world prepares to upgrade to iOS 17, some older models have just received a patch to protect them from a vulnerability.

It’s an update called iOS 15.7.9 (and iPadOS 15.7.9). It’s surprising, when you consider the fact that we’re about to upgrade to iOS 17. So why was this update released today?

Rest assured, the world has not achieved a spatial and temporal leap. This is actually an update designed for the iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone SE, iPads Air 2, iPads mini and iPod touch, or at least for some models in these ranges.

Models that were unable to receive the latest iOS 16 update, iOS 16.6.1 or equivalent on iPadOS. In fact, this update fixes a major security vulnerability: using simple image files, hackers can execute code on your iPhone.

You heard right: People with bad intentions can simply hack your iPhone. In this way, it may be possible for them to take control of your smartphone and extract sometimes very sensitive information, such as your bank account details.

So we better understand why this very vital update is necessary. Especially since Apple suspects that some have already discovered the vulnerability in question and taken advantage of it.

Note that last week’s 16.6.1 update, which is therefore intended to fix the problem for newer models, was itself mainly intended for models like the iPhone 8, which the transition to iOS 17 will not cover.

The transition to the next version of Apple’s operating system for the iPhone is quickly approaching, with the final release date likely coming this month. But for all those whose models will not be able to experience this wonderful new adventure from Apple, it is absolutely necessary to install update 16.6.1 or 15.7.9 in order to patch this rather alarming security flaw.

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Even for those who will be upgrading to iOS 17, it may still be worth being cautious and downloading the latest iOS 16 update before jumping to the new version, even if just to protect you during the last few weeks of waiting. .

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