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Windows 11 images are evolving, and Microsoft is rolling out several new features

Windows 11 images are evolving, and Microsoft is rolling out several new features

MMicrosoft is bringing a bunch of new features to the Windows 11 Photos app. They’re being rolled out through the Canary and Dev channels of the Windows Insider Program. The update introduces new features, improvements, and fixes.

If you want to discover them, you must update the Photos app to version 2023.11090.13001.0. The list of new features includes the option to blur the background.

Images – The background of the image is automatically selected
Photos – The background of the photo is blurred

Allows you to highlight the subject of the photo. To do this, simply open your snapshot in edit mode and select the “Background Blur” option.

The search function for photos stored in your OneDrive account supports content search.

Photos – The search gets richer

It is therefore possible to choose requests such as car, beach, birthday and even vacation.

However, the company explains

If you’re new to OneDrive or have never used OneDrive photo search, searching may not work out of the box because OneDrive processes photos. If you don’t see any search results, come back in a few hours and try again.

It is also possible to search for photos based on where they were taken. This feature is available for all photos in your collection, including those stored in your file systems, OneDrive, and iCloud.

Finally, Photos can now display the video portion of Motion Photos captured on Samsung and Google devices.

To all this is added

  • Touch support for slide show. The user can swipe left and right to easily move to the next image in their slideshow.
  • Video editing and creation options are easily accessible at the top of the gallery view,
  • Fixed an issue that required you to restart the app for iCloud Photos to start appearing.
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