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PlayStation also wants to integrate ads into games

PlayStation also wants to integrate ads into games

Like Microsoft for the Xbox, Sony is said to be an in-game advertising service for the PlayStation.

Jim Ryan, President, Sony Interactive Entertainment // Source: Sony – Lenny Gonzalez

Less than a week ago, we learned about it in our Business Insider columns Microsoft has been working on letting developers integrate ads into their games. This plan is currently aimed at free game developers and should provide an additional source of funding that is easy to set up.

The same media now tells us that Sony, too, will be working on a system similar to Play Station.

Ads in video games

interested in trade

He was able to interview three people involved in Sony’s strategy. The company will fully research the right technology to help developers integrate ads into video games.
We are talking about advertisements here as they exist in the form of banners on the web. One can imagine a billboard in a racing game, for example, that displays different advertisements depending on the player. Another example that is easy to imagine is the billboards around the stadium at a sports game.

The goal is to encourage developers to create games Free to playand help them monetize them through new financing systems. For a free service, advertising is often the preferred method of financing.

Mobile-like reward system

Sony also sees benefits for gamers using other ad formats. If you’ve ever played free to play on mobile, you’ll see where the creator wants to go.
The idea is to offer video ads to players, who will be rewarded for watching. For example: Watch this ad for 20 seconds to get an extra life.

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The service is expected to launch before the end of 2022. We know that Sony has been very interested in gaming services since then The company wants to launch ten years in 4 years And the economic model for Free to play They are often suitable for service games.

Now at Sony, the project will face two questions. The first, monetization directly from Sony. The company is hesitating whether or not to take a commission on ads shown in video games, at the risk of protesting. Another way it is envisioned is to make this system a paid service for publishers and developers, particularly by marketing access to data and activities of PlayStation players.

Here we address the second question facing Sony: which is the technology partner for ad integration. According to Business Insider, the company will be very careful in choosing its partner to stay in control of user data. It is out of the question to allow a partner to create a database of players’ personal information such as their name or email address.

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